Show your wardrobe some love.

Show your wardrobe some love.

Hello my friends!

So I want to give you a bit of insight into one of my new packages which I am very excited about.
For those of you that know me and/or have read my blog about Sustainable Style then you will already be aware of my passion for preloved, but also my favourite sport of showing people in particular how to be resourceful with your clothes or style through  LOVING YOUR WARDROBE.

Honestly it makes me sad to think of how many women are on bad terms with their wardrobes.
How neglected both parties are feeling about each other and how much of a breakdown in communication there is between you both.

So think of me as your relationship expert between you and your wardrobe! Get comfy on your sofa and read on.

Why do I need to love my wardrobe?

Wardrobe Love is something I preach about in my Facebook group Wardrobe Love Club It’s just something we don’t tend to do. Ask yourselves this –

  • Think about how much you have spent and invested in the items hanging up in your wardrobe.
  • How much of that investment have you got back through your cost per wear?
  • How much of the money you have spent has been thrown away or donated to a charity shop because you have hardly worn it?

According to the latest Family Spending report from the Office of National Statistics, the average person spends £43.88 on clothes each month.
A total of £526.50 per year including over £100 on shoes.

Now I know that many of you reading this will well exceed that amount. When I was working as a Visual Merchandiser for Zara I styled mannequins in looks that had collective total of over £500 and they would fly out!
The thing that I came to understand through my fashion career was the addiction to impulse purchasing created through the fast fashion beast fuelled this spending.

The customers didn’t really know if they could make 10 other outfits with what they bought (my buying rule….more on that another time.)

Nope, they just bought it to wear for a couple of months as it was ‘on trend’,  then leave it to clutter up their wardrobe until the next impulse purchases needed more space.

If they had taken the time to see what was already in their wardrobe, what ‘on trend’ outfits they could already create within it BEFORE they went shopping the greedy fast fashion beast wouldn’t have been fed.

So what is in this magical service?

This Preloved Package is perfect for someone that knows they have a wardrobe full of clothes, wants to either dip their toe into the world of preloved and needs a helping hand or just wants someone to help them get rid of the clothes they don’t want!

Does that sound like you?

Well read on!

The idea for it came about really from Wardrobe Edits with my clients (actually, genuinely one of my favourite past times) and where once we had completed the edit and all the unwanted clothes were left on the bed, how overwhelmed my clients felt about what to do with it all.

You see in most cases, there are a lot of good quality items which have a value not only to my client but potentially also to someone else, which means selling it, which means delving into the world of online selling.

Often clients also want to donate but hear stories of charity shops being over loaded (and in some cases they end up sending stuff to landfill – true story) so are confused as to where to take their unwanted clothes!

Well this is where I come in with my complete Preloved Package. Included in this is…

  • My standard 3hr Wardrobe Edit service, in which you get
    • Online Questionnaire
    • 45 min Style Consultation
    • Style Analysis report with Mini colour & body shape analysis/ Stylist Top Tips/Style Personality & pose Edit Shopping List.
    • Pinterest Board with up to 3 inspirational ‘lookbook’ sections.
  • PLUS the You will also get your post edit Preloved clean up!

Ok, what’s a Preloved Clean Up?

This is where after your Edit, I will separate out items suitable for the donation/ sell and to be recycled.

The ones for donation will be given to the fabulous Wardrobe Foundation. An organisation I became ambassador for last year and who are on a mission to give confidence through donated clothing to woman who really need it.

To read more about them check out my blog post Sustainable Style with the Wardrobe Foundation.

The items to sell I will photograph and upload to a preloved online site (usually Vinted or Depop) in your own account, ready to go.

I will also create a ‘favourites’ section for you of items currently for sale on said site for you to buy at your leisure, whether its when your items are sold and you have the money or if you want to go all in straight away – go for it!

Think of it like full circle fashion. You get to know your style and wardrobe better so you shop smarter, the clothes you don’t want help out the less fortunate and don’ go to landfill and that means less for the fast fashion beast.


For more information on this service please check out my website  and book a FREE online 15 chat with me where we can discuss how I can help you.

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