Here are some testimonials from my happy clients!

“This special lady works miracles!! Had a fantastic morning with Alice working our way through my wardrobe edit! Her styling has given me confidence to wear what I already had in my wardrobe along with making some great suggestions of items I need to add. A fun morning with a lovely lady…if you’re considering using Alice, go for it, you won’t be disappointed!”

Jen Llewellyn

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Style Review and Wardrobe Edit with Alice. She was so generous with her time and really listened to my lifestyle and shopping habits. She gave me the confidence and the push I needed to get rid of things that had been languishing unworn in my wardrobe for too long. The Click-to-buy Pinterest board was really practical and tailored to my budget. Above all, it was great fun! I definitely feel more confident in my style choices and know now how I can dress to my best.”

Caroline Saunders

“Alice has been so great in helping us to move forward with our house renovation. Our biggest hurdle was visualising how best to use the space, but by sharing her expert ideas and guiding us through our many questions, Alice helped us to see the potential in our home and to picture ourselves truly living in it! We can’t wait to continue working with her and to bring our new vision to life.”

Jane Moody

I loved my style review and colour analysis with Alice. She took time to prepare for the session (via zoom) asking for photographs and sending a questionnaire. Alice is great at building confidence and had some lovely ideas. It was very relaxed. Thanks Alice

Jenny Cookman

The style review was fabulous. Alice was great – she really listened and demonstrated by the output that she understood me and what I was looking for (getting out of my style rut and dressing to walk the dogs rather than for me). The whole process was really enjoyable – who doesn’t love talking about themselves – and have a load of ideas and suggestions to start me on my styling journey. Having a pinterest board with suggestions for items that are currently available from a range of brands is invaluable – may need to lock away the credit cards! I’d definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a lift and to get out of a style rut!

Lou Parker

Highly recommended. Attended Alice’s Capsule wardrobe last night and not only was it fun but we learnt so much. Amazing tips. If anyone has fallen out of love with their wardrobes or clothes them have a look at how Buddy and Noo can help you. I can’t wait for my wardrobe edit and personal shopping trip once COVID allows

Kimberley McCarthy

Had a colour and style party last week with the amazing Alice. So much fun, so interesting so totally recommend having one. We all sat around in the garden while Alice imparted her wisdom. Book her before you waste any more money!

Caroline Pope

I attended Alice’s ‘The Women, Wine and Wardrobe’ online workshop last night. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. It really gave me an insight into how I can use my wardrobe better- how I can make it work better. I think this is a really green and mindful way of looking at the clothes we already wear and it has definitely inspired me. I got serious clothes envy, but I came away inspired and thoughtful. An expert in her field, Alice is so kind, warming and passionate about fashion. Would thoroughly recommend her services and future workshops. 5 Stars!

Gayleen Hodson

Alice’s ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ workshop demonstrated how a sprinkle of creativity and imagination can get your wardrobe to work so much harder for you. She is a cheerleader for sustainable and slow fashion and expertly created multiple looks out of an impressively small selection of clothes! Alice is your gal if you want to edit your wardrobe, need shopping advice or if you want to enjoy the workshop space with lovely ladies and great style guidance.

Georgina Ash

I spent a brilliant couple of hours with Alice and her Women, Wine and Wardrobe workshop to understand how I can get the best out of wardrobe and create capsule wardrobes. Before the workshop I had really lost my clothes mojo – I have gone from somebody who loves to be stylish to somebody who just wants to be in my PJs or leggings and tee shirts.Alice’s workshop inspired me to get a grip and start to take pride again – oh and to spend money on new clothes! Thanks Alice, looking forward to taking you shopping with me one of these fine days.

Debbie Greenwood

I attended Alice’s Capsule Wardrobe Edit, The Women, Wine and the Wardrobe. Wow, her knowledge on creating capsule wardrobes for different seasons, occasions, work, events, social and fun. I have been stuck in a rut of clothes, particularly since being a Mum, but Alice has given the push to get a bit more creative with it and certainly buy smarter. Makes you realise the bags and accessories that you have but never wear can liven up the plainest of outfits. Absolutely worthwhile attending her workshops and classes and I will without a doubt be attending more. Thank you so much!

Kate Ware

I attended Alice’s autumn/winter capsule wardrobe online event, it was really inspiring! I learnt so much and now I intend to spend the weekend sorting! Looking forward to a wardrobe edit when I’ve lost a bit of corona chub!

Fiona Moorey

I had the privilege of accompanying my Mum for her amazing make over and meeting the lovely Alice. Alice made my Mum and I feel so welcome and comfortable and had so much positive energy! Alice provided a wealth of advice and evidenced an array of knowledge and within a very short while my Mum had transformed! Alice knew exactly what items/colours/textures would compliment my Mum and make her feel special and beautiful. It is so easy to fall into the trap of wearing clothes that ‘flatter’ by covering up but with Alice’s advice, my Mum’s body shape completely changed and she had the confidence to show herself off in the most gorgeous clothes! The whole experience has boosted my Mum’s confidence and it was a real privilege to be in Alice’s company and see her work her magic. I cannot thank you enough for everything you did. This lady really knows her stuff and empowers you to take risks and the results are incredible! You will not be disappointed!

Jen Ni

I had the pleasure of experiencing one of Alice’s style party over the weekend and it was fantastic! I learnt so much about colours, what I should wear for my shape. Alice is so enthusiastic about helping you to fall in love with finding your style, it’s infectious. Can’t wait to go through my wardrobe and find new looks

Ellie Stokes

Alice is awesome! I’ve done Style Party with her and the ladies from Buy Wear Swap Repeat second hand shop in Poole and left with clarity, new ideas and inspiration how to make my wardrobe work better for me to save me time, money and feel like a million dollars every day! Thanks girl!

Anna Paty

Since having my three children my body shape has completely changed and there is a complete shift in what is practical on a day to day basis. I felt like I had lost myself in my new job title of Mum so Alice suggested we go for a walk around the charity shops to see what we could find to rejuvenate my sense of self on a small budget. We chatted at length about my style before kids, what I like now, what I feel comfortable in, what i feel my obstacles are and what I would like to include in my wardrobe. Alice picked out items that I would never have tried on and showed me how different silhouettes and elements could work in my favour. She suggested different ways to style outfits and how I can wear things that I didn’t think suited by shape. I went home with several items that I would never have had the confidence to buy and I love wearing them. Alice made me feel really comfortable and has given me confidence to inject a lot of colour into my dreary wardrobe. I never thought about styling outfits before, I would just throw clothes at myself and hope it worked. Overall I have found a new lease of life and love with my style.

Taryn Payne

So the lovely Alice did a mini wardrobe makeover for me prior to my winter holiday in the canaries. This was primarily to devise some evening outfits that were suitable for a warmer climate than uk winter evenings. I rarely go out that much at home so I was very excited to be able to dress up a little for meals out and just the thought of spending a bit of time “getting ready” was exciting. The luggage weight was light so the outfits needed to be compact and where possible have items that could be used on more than one occasion. I didn’t have the finances to buy new, so we had to be inventive with what I had already. Alice found some clothes and accessories I had kind of forgotten about and made suggestions for teaming items together that I would not have thought about. She gave me confidence to step out in the evenings feeling good about myself and also comfortable (and warm!) which is a priority as , for me, if I’m cold or something is uncomfortable I cant relax and enjoy myself. Below are some of my evening outfits that Alice helped me pull together. I would highly recommend a wardrobe makeover with Alice, even if it’s not for any particular occasion – just for fun and to help you consolidate your wardrobe so you can see what works well together, what core pieces you need that are versatile, and give you the skills to pull outfits together with confidence. What better time for a wardrobe review than the new year to be out with the old (or in this case maybe repurpose something being neglected at the back of your wardrobe) and in with the new you!

Sharon Maisy

I was initially interested in a wardrobe edit with Alice because I had two main problems when it came to putting together what to wear each day. The first was that at the age of 49 I was beginning to feel that I really should know how to put together an outfit by now, but instead I found it a struggle. The second, was that when I looked at my wardrobe each day, a lot of my clothes felt too ‘dressy’ for just normal day to day activities, or just didn’t fit right for this or that reason. Alice quickly realised what the issue was, and excitedly pulled items from my wardrobe, putting them together with other pieces and creating outfits I’d never been able to ‘see’ for myself. She also noticed that my clothes shopping habits were creating a wardrobe full of clothes which were so patterned and colourful, I didn’t have any basic pieces to pull them together. Weirdly, I seriously hadn’t realised I was doing that! Alice has a knowledge of colour, shape and style which was so helpful and refreshing. She is a ‘people’ person, encouraging and humorous. My wardrobe edit was fun and I learnt a lot along the way. Alice has advised me on what I need to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe without breaking the bank. I don’t always enjoy shopping for clothes, so having a list of what to focus on will make it a much easier and exciting experience for me. Thank you Alice, you’re a star!

Lisa Kent